International Baccalaureate

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IB is recognized internationally

Kolding Gymnasium offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, commonly abbreviated to IB. IB is an international pre-university education, which enjoys international recognition and enables access to major universities throughout the world. In Denmark it is recognized as equivalent to the national Danish high school diploma.

Classes are taught in English.


Locally based – globally connected

There are over 2,000 IB schools in 129 countries worldwide with a total school population of approximately 500,000. Each school must be approved by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The teaching curriculum and assessment requirements are laid down internationally, and there is close cooperation between IB schools.

Kolding Gymnasium is therefore part of an extensive international network, which is fully in line with our international profile.


Brochure about IB

The education, the subjects, career opportunities and more

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   “I told myself that I never wanted to go to a gymnasium, until I heard about IB. Sure IB is hard and stressful, but you also gain a lot socially. IB is like our own Little America – a huge melting pot where Danish culture meets people from all over the world. IB is one of the best choices I’ve ever made – by far!”

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IB på Kolding Gymnasium

På Kolding Gymnasium tilbyder vi The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, forkortet IB. IB er en international studentereksamen, der nyder stor international anerkendelse og giver adgang til de store universiteter i udlandet. I Danmark anerkendes den på linje med en almindelig dansk studentereksamen. Undervisningen foregår på engelsk.

På verdensplan er der over 2.000 IB-skoler fordelt på 129 lande med et samlet elevtal på ca. 500.000. Hver enkelt skole skal godkendes af den internationale IB-organisation. Uddannelsens opbygning og faglige krav er internationalt fastlagt, og der er et tæt samarbejde mellem de forskellige IB-skoler. Kolding Gymnasium indgår derfor i et omfattende, internationalt netværk, der ligger helt i tråd med vores internationale profil.


The Diploma

What is the Diploma Programme?

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