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Learn how complex life forms work

You should choose biology at an IB level because you get the chance to do things such as; dissect minks, eyes, hearts as well as loads of other bloody things. You will get the opportunity to see your own cells through a microscope, things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. If you choose biology you will learn how complex life forms work, but you will also learn how complex single-celled organisms are.

A lot for the eye

If you choose biology you will often get a visual representation of the topic you are on, for example if you are learning about cell division you will see it in video clips.

Choose it out of interest

We feel it is important to mention that if you expect to go to a university in Denmark, there is barely any need for biology, as even if you want to be a biologist, physics tends to be more important. That said; biology is an awesome subject, and if you are interested in it, then choose it! Don’t choose it if you just need an extra subject. From my experience; if you want to do well in biology you will need to be enthusiastic about it!

Makes you think differently

After taking biology you will not think about anything you do the way non-biology students do. You will begin to think about the enzymes produced when you eat, the hormones made in the body. Biology is a really cool subject. It increases a person?s knowledge of life forms! (Also, it is always fun to awe your friends by using words such as deoxyribonucleic acid instead of the commonly used term, DNA.) The main reason why one should choose biology applies to any science: It will help you understand how things work. Though what really makes biology stand out is that it is the study of how living things work. As I have said before, if this interests you then choose biology!


Natascha, Michelle and Chris, 2i