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Engaging experiments

Here at IB you can choose between two wonderful courses of chemistry, standard and high level. Throughout the course you will be exposed to various aspects of chemistry, exciting demonstrations and engaging experiments. Well-qualified and enthusiastic teachers, who make the course interesting and relevant, teach both levels.

Intriguing learning environment

The teachers strive to interact with the students through interesting lectures and demonstrations. The teachers take advantage of the resources and technology available to them in order to create an intriguing learning environment.

Room for everyone to excel

Chemistry provides the students with an appropriate challenge for the students? individual skills. The different subtopics in chemistry challenge different areas of knowledge leaving room for everyone to excel in certain areas.

Knowledge through experiments

Through the experiments the students gain a greater knowledge of the subject at hand. Seeing the subject come to life before your very eyes leaves the student with a better understanding of the reactions they study during class.

A fantastic subject

The subject is highly relevant to those students who wish to undertake further education in the areas that involve chemistry. Students will also gain a better understanding of how and why the world works the way it does. Chemistry is a fantastic subject, which is both interesting and relevant for the students who choose to take it at either level.