Why should I choose Danish B SL/HL?

Danish B SL/HL is for both native speakers and non-native speakers. If you want to develop your Danish speaking skills and grammar in general, this subject is suited to you. If you choose this subject you will also learn how to create sentences and be able to write essays. This subject will not only teach you to speak Danish in public, but it will increase your confidence and give you the courage to speak it on a daily basis. We do a lot of mini presentations where you increase your presentation and speaking skills. This is done by speaking for 5-10 minutes about a specific topic. For example the topic could be ?Global Issues? where you would be required to find an article or similar texts where you discuss the information given. So if you want to improve your Danish skills and be able to speak and write Danish on a daily basis, this subject is something you should consider taking.


Why should I choose Danish A SL/HL?

Danish A SL/HL is for those who want to take Danish to the next level. If you enjoy reading literature and want to be able to analyze different texts, this is the subject for you. During our studies, we have read ?A Dollhouse? by Henrik Ibsen. ?A Dollhouse? is a translated work, and this is something you may be asked to read if you choose this subject. With this subject you will go into depth with the different cultures from the texts you read, and gain a better understanding of the literature throughout the different periods. For example in the play ?A Dollhouse? you will be asked to analyze the different issues which are taking place within the play. Not only will you increase your analyzing skills and reading skills but you will also expand your vocabulary. This subject will challenge you and make you take Danish to the next level.