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The cause and effect of events

You might connect history with an endless number of dates and years, which you have to memorize through repetition. It is true that the dates of historical events are important, but in IB we mostly focus on the cause and effect of the events. We go through various modern topics and analyze them through class discussion and researching.

Helps us improve our future

History helps us understand the world we live in, and the world our ancestors lived in. We put ourselves in their shoes, and look at their problems and their solutions, their failures and their successes. History helps us to understand the past, change our present and improve our future.

Two levels of history

There are two levels of history: Higher level and Standard level. The only difference between the two is the number of topics you have to go through and the number of final papers you have to write at the exam. In a normal class you could for instance be reading about a topic, find and analyse sources and discuss the knowledge you have collected and the conclusions you could make from it.

Required for social studies and humanities

History is a subject required if you want to study social sciences, humanities etc. You should choose history if you have a great interest in discussing and studying various issues from the past.

What if history turned out differently?

You will have to, not only read about the history, but also figure out what could have been done differently, and what would have happened if things had turned out differently.


You will not be bored

You could have many reasons for choosing history, maybe you need it in future studies or you just generally just like it, whatever reason you might have, history is indeed an interesting subject, and you will not be bored.