Mathematics HL

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Mathematics HL

High pace and high level

Math high level offers many hours of study and has a high pace. If you come from the Danish school system math high level is very challenging but at the same time an experience that will help you further if you want to be an engineer or any similar education that requires math A.


Assignments every week

The teachers are good at explaining everything, and make it fun to work in class with problems. You will have to adapt to the amount of homework (If you come from another country than Denmark it is not a big problem) and you will have assignments every week but eventually you will fit this into your timetable.

After Christmas the real fun begins

The first year of Pre-IB you will go through the same chapters as the STX but after Christmas the level will increase and the fun begins. The IB diploma HL math has got a big curriculum that barely fits the two years, which causes a high pace throughout the 1st and the 2nd year of the IB Diploma Program, to the exams in the end of the Diploma Program.


Are you up for a challenge?

The course offers 240 hours learning new skills and improving the following groups of mathematics: Algebra, Functions and equations, Circular functions and trigonometry, Matrices, Vectors, Statistics and probability and Calculus. If you are up for a challenge this is the perfect course for you.