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Based on expert theories

Psychology is a very different subject from what you are used to having as a Danish student. That?s because everything in psychology is based on theories – it?s impossible to base something on concrete evidence, which means that nothing can be right or wrong.

No research studies – but theory testing

However, there are still many well supported theories out there, and that is one of the things we have been working extensively with. These theories need research studies to back them up; they can be compared with an experiment made in a science class. We never perform research studies in class though, we use the ones already made by experts.


We learn how we think

One thing we have been working with recently is cognitive psychology, which is about how we think and how we use our brain. Part of cognitive psychology is something called schema theory, which is about how we remember things and how our memory is affected by our biases. This is very interesting, because this particular part of the subject can actually be used in real life and in other subjects.


Fun tests

One of the best things about psychology is that we sometimes get to take fun tests on the internet to see how we do in relation to things like short-term memory. For example, we took a test to see how we would match up against a monkey, again relating to short-term memory.


Might help you be a better person

Another great thing about psychology is that you learn more about how people behave, which is something that you can apply to many jobs, but also something that can be used in your own personal life. Psychology gives you a deeper understanding of why people behave as they do, and that can possibly help make you a better person.


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