Visual Arts

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Visual Arts


For creative students

Visual art is a class for ambitious creative students, who enjoy the freedom of art. Whether you strive to be a professional artist – perhaps the next Picasso, or you just love to doodle in your spare time, there is a place for you in our exciting visual art lessons.


Lessons with a good atmosphere

The lessons always host a good and calm atmosphere, often with music and high spirits in a creative space. The good workspace makes time fly and the lessons always seem too short.


Learning by doing

Visual Art allows for a free artistic development in each individual student, as you cannot learn to draw for instance by studying books. You need to experiment and experience it for your self.


The first semester

In the first semester you can be introduced to art history and you can learn some basic theories and methods of analysis behind different areas of art such as painting, sculpture, architecture, design and installation. As an artist you have to learn to apply a professional vocabulary to your work.


The 2nd-4th semester

In the second through fourth semester you will get more freedom to do more individual work and follow your ideas rather than depend on the teacher to tell you what to do and how to do it. The teacher will become a guide and counselor more than a conventional teacher teaching a whole class the same topic. The teacher will try to make you live up to the different criteria in Visual Art that you are supposed to meet.


The investigation book

The IBO require you to do an investigation book (IVB) aka. portfolio to show your works and your investigations for your visual art teacher.  This will be your artistic, scientific, analyzing, interpreting diary. This is how you communicate what you have been doing and which artist, styles, cultures and contexts you relate to. In this book your teacher can leave comments to give you ideas on how to improve or develop your IVB and your future works. In the end copies of your IVB will be sent to IBO for an external assessment, done by another IB visual art teacher, somewhere in the world.


Great variety

The teacher will always be there to assist and guide you not to mention your creative classmates, who will support and inspire you. You can make anything from drawings to installations, from readymade to graphic art and you will familiarize yourself with an ocean of materials and artists.

This is a time consuming subject, but rewarding. But trust us when we say, it?s all worth it in the end.


Sadaf & Cæcilie 2.i