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CAS coordinators

The responsibility of the CAS coordinators and Advisers
The CAS-coordinators are the people appointed by the school to help and motivate the students to fulfil their CAS programme and successfully meet the CAS requirements necessary to be awarded the Diploma. The key tasks are to make sure that the activities/projects chosen and carried out qualify as CAS, that the programme in well balanced (C/A/S) and that the student develops from the activity/project. This is done in several ways:
  • Regular CAS blocks where the whole year group meet with their CAS coordinator (introduction to CAS and all the formalities, sharing and developing ideas, undertaking united CAS-projects, preparing CAS-events etc.).

  • Regular individual CAS reviews where the student and CAS coordinator discuss ideas and set goals, evaluate activities/projects through reflections. Besides that documentation for completed activities/projects is presented and logged.

  • Weekly CAS office hours where the students can seek help and inspiration from the CAS coordinator.

After the two years the students finish off their CAS programme by writing the Students Final Summary – an essay of 1000 words – where the student through critical reflections demonstrates achievement of the 8 learning outcomes.

After reading this essay and taking into account the commitment of the student throughout the 2 years and the balance of the CAS programme the CAS coordinator will recommend to the IB Coordinators that the student is to be awarded the IB Diploma (or not!).