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Week 32

First day of school

The first day of school is a day of celebration. A dedicated team of student-tutors is ready to receive the new students with Hawaiian leis and high spirits. Later in the day the new classes meet for the first time, to receive books, schedules and the intro programme for the first school week.

The day ends with the tutors organizing fun “get to know each other” exercises with the new students and showing them around the school.

Week 32

Introday 1g and pre-ib

The normal timetable is abandoned on the first Friday so 1g- and pre-ib classes can enjoy Happy Feet folk dancing, bowling and icebreaker-activities. Later, the new students join all the other students at the school for the first Friday café.

Weeks 32 – 44 – 48 – 19

Friday Café Friday

Cafés in KG are well known for their good atmosphere. Students gather in the cafeteria area for a chat with friends, some good music and maybe a beer. Some go home after an hour, others stay a little longer and perhaps meet later in the evening. It’s up to you. But Friday’s café is always fun.

Week 34

IB Welcome Party

IB celebrates the new school year with a big Welcome Party for all the school’s IB students. The party starts in the afternoon with fun competitions and continues eating together, entertainment and lots of fun. The evening culminates in the awarding of diplomas to the summer’s IB graduates. 3i is responsible for planning, decorating and cooking (as a major CAS project).

Life at KG

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Week 35

Intro tour 1HF

On the intro tour for 1HF classmates get to know each other through a lot of fun activities. The trip In recent years, the trip has gone to Stenderup Hage camp, situated by the Little Belt. Along for the Two of their teachers are along for the ride, ensuring that there is also some academic focus on the trip.

Week 35

Sports Day

On sports day students compete against each other in a multitude of disciplines. There are many levels of competition, such as best costumes, best performances and winners of the sports competition. Every two years, the day is rounded off with the legendary soapbox car race. This has to be experienced!

Intro Fest

Intro party is the first school party for first-year students. The party starts with songs and socializing in KGs canteen. Later in the evening 2nd and 3rd years join in to welcome the school’s new students.

Week 36

IB study-tour

3i travel to London to experience the life, language and culture of one of the world’s most exciting cities. History, art and TOK projects provide the academic focus of an enjoyable tour.

Week 38

Study-tours 2HF and 3g

In week 38 2hf and 3g students have their study tours. European cities like Berlin, Rome and Barcelona are popular destinations, but there are also classes that travel further to destinations such as such as New York and Hong Kong. Wherever you go, the study tour is always a great experience, where you will learn more about life, your subjects and each other.

Week 39

Science Festival and Science Day

KG offers great opportunities for science. Each year this is marked by a science festival where students in scientific fields of study hear good lectures, observe exciting experiments and delve into the fascinating world of science.

On Science Day KG is visited by 450 pupils from grade 9 who participate in the festival.

FLOK party 2020 is cancelled due to the assembly ban

FLOK-party is on the first Saturday in October (Første Lørdag i OKtober). It is the annual party for former students and teachers.. It is always a fantastic reunion with all the trimmings: good food, entertainment, live band and dancing.

Week 41


On the Friday before the autumn holiday KG-students’ party committee., SVADA, hold the first SVADA party – popularly known as “scorefesten”. Students will explain how it works, and they promise fun and festivity.

Week 43

2g study tours

All 2g classes have a study tour in Denmark in week 43. The trip usually goes to Copenhagen, where students work with their subjects in a different way than at school. 2g-excursion also has a social purpose, where you get to know each other better by being together for several days.

Week 46


Good food, partying students and a super concert is no bad combination. The annual DOT-party provides this year after year. It is the festive highlight of the year, where classes compete for the prize of the most imaginatively decorated table, sing together and enjoy each others’ company.

There is a tradition for parents joining the first stages of the party, but when the dinner is over students move over to the sports hall where a well-known act gets the party really rolling.

Week 51

Christmas Revue and SVADA Party

In Christmas Revue can The year’s wildest events can be relived in the Christmas Revue. The Christmas Revue Committee practise for months, then present their Revue packed with irony, scandals and KG-gossip on the Friday before the Christmas holiday. After the Revue SVADA opens its doors for KG’s traditional Christmas celebration.

Week 3

The School Production

Every January the school’s students and teachers put on a big production. During the autumn work starts with rehearsals for singing, music, theatre and dance. In January, the show is performed for the general public and of course also for the school’s own pupils and staff. It is always an amazing experience!

Week 10

Multicultural theme day

The normal timetable is suspended to allow for a series of workshops, which you can join. The day ends with a plenary event and subsequent café for all students. On this day, the school focuses on global and multicultural issues and celebrates that we have many exciting cultures at KG.

Week 13


For the traditional gala party, final year students dress up to the nines to celebrate that the 3 years of school is approaching its completion. It’s a great event with photographs, dancing Lanciers, entertainment, awards and celebrations in the best prom style.

Week 17

Culture Café

Culture café is a really pleasant evening in the company of the school’s creative subjects, students and parents. Music, design, art and drama welcome you to an evening of entertainment, performances and exciting exhibitions of students’ own artwork.

Week 18

Film Festival

Media subjects present their own film festival, EDISON, with good food and a subsequent award show where students’ graduation films compete in categories such as ‘Best Actor’, ‘Best Dramaturgy’ and ‘Best Picture’.

Week 19

Final school day and Friday café

On the last day of school it is a tradition that 3g and 2hf come to school in “alternative” dress. The school day finishes with a great concert in the canteen as a warm-up for a Friday café.

Week 20

IB Reception

On the final IB exam day 3i IB students, parents and teachers get together to celebrate the end of the examinations with group photographs, speeches, entertainment, coffee and cake.

Week 25

Translokation/ Graduation 22nd of June at 18

Translokation celebrates the end of graduating examinations at the gymnasium. It starts with a parade, speeches and presentation of diplomas, followed by dining with family. As your time at gymnasium reaches its end, the night closes with an awesome party for the new capped graduates. Look forward to this!!!