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Why should you choose Kolding Gymnasium 

When you become a student at Kolding Gymnasium, you’re joining an exciting school community no matter which educational path you choose.

At KG we offer you the best of opportunities to take an education that prepares you for the future and equips you both academically and personally for any further education. We have a long and rich tradition for combining the educational and the social sides of school life at KG.

After school, or during the breaks, there are plenty of extra-curricular activities on offer (students’ council, sports, committees and much more). 

Pre-IB or diploma?

All students with a Danish Folkeskole background must take the Pre-IB year, whether coming direct from 9th class, 10th class or after an exchange year in an English speaking country. Push the red button and read more about Pre-IB.

If you already have completed Pre-IB, 1g on a Danish gymnasium or have an equivalent level of education (for example IGCSE) you can choose the IB diploma. Push the red button and read more about The diploma.

The International Baccalaureate

When you join the International Baccalaureate Programme at Kolding Gymnasium, you’re not only entering a vibrant and exciting school community at KG, but also becoming a member of a world-wide community of students in 147 countries who are studying in the 3104 schools currently approved to offer the diploma programme. 

IB is an international pre-university education programme, which is highly respected by universities and employers throughout the world, and in Denmark IB is recognised as equivalent to the Danish Upper Secondary School Diploma (studentereksamen). 

All IB schools have to meet rigorous educational standards, and are regularly evaluated in order to be officially approved as centres by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, which is based in The Hague. The teaching curriculum and subject syllabi are laid down internationally, and approved by governments world-wide to ensure the highest educational and academic standards are maintained. There is close co-operation between IB schools. 

Teaching in English – an exciting opportunity

IB is obviously a wonderful opportunity for young Danish students who are keen to open up international horizons with a challenging academic education. It is also ideal for students from abroad whose families are based in Denmark in the short or long term, and also for Danes with an international background. Furthermore, if the parents of a student move abroad during the IB course, he or she will be able to continue studying in an IB school in the new country.