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In Denmark, IB is offered as a three-year course. The first year is called “Pre- IB” and in the first part of the autumn term corresponds with the foundation programme for the Danish gymnasium, after which we continue with a subject programme that is designed to prepare students for beginning the IB Diploma proper. All teaching is conducted in English. 

All students with a Danish Folkeskole background must take the Pre-IB year, whether coming direct from 9th class, 10th class or after an exchange year in an English speaking country. 

The majority of our Pre-IB students are Danes, and the Pre-IB year provides an excellent foundation in getting used to studying subjects in English and preparing for the challenges of the diploma programme. Some of our Danish students have previous experience of living and studying in other countries because of their parents’ work, but IB is also an exciting opportunity for other young Danes who have the will to embark upon a demanding education programme with an international dimension, a programme that has been purpose-built to meet the challenges of today’s global society. 

The subjects


  • English, Danish A or B,  German or Spanish
  • Social Studies, Visual Arts, P.E.
  • Chemistry, Environmental Systems, Physics
  • Mathematics
  • 1g Language and Science foundation programmes


  • English, Danish A or B, German or Spanish
  • Social Studies , Visual Arts , P.E, History
  • Physics + one of Chemistry  or Environmental Systems
  • Mathematics

Admission to Pre-IB

You can apply for admission to Pre-IB if you fulfil the requirements for admission to the first year of the Danish gymnasium, or have equivalent qualifications. Applications should be made through You should also fill in a special school application form that is available on the following link.