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MUN – Model United Nations

MUNOK, or Model United Nations at Kolding Gymnasium, is a very active and challenging extra-curricular activity. At this moment, fourty students are members, most of whom actively participate in our weekly sessions. Here, they get experienced as debaters, improve their rhetorical skills and of course get secure in the rules and procedures of MUN. With this practice, our students are able to participate in conferences in Denmark and abroad. How effective our practice and collaboration is becomes clear from the numerous awards our delegations come home with after each conference.

Apart from our training sessions, MUNOK is also active as a fundraising community. We try to help good causes, such as Dansk Hospitalsklovne. Through these efforts, we also save money for our own tours. This has allowed us this year to participate in an MUN conference at Columbia University in New York city this January. This will be the event of the year, and we hope to be able to repeat it in the future.

Model United Nations is a world-wide organization on highschool and university level. It is nearly as old as the UN itself, and was founded to make the younger generations aware of the importance of inter- and cross-national politics, as well as give them insight in how these politics are discussed, formed and implemented through United Nations.

Joining MUN, and MUNOK in particular, has many advantages. You broaden you understanding of international politics, both of global issues and from the perspective of one particular country or region; you train your skills in debating and public speaking; you improve your English; you widen your network; you get CAS points (IB students); you get to travel with your friends; you decorate your CV, and last but not least: you have a lot of fun!

Want to hear more? Contact Else Steen Thomassen Susanne Egholm Pedersen or Martin Krag Rasmussen